Electronic gadgets are very important these days, for every small issue we will depend on browsing so having mobile or tablet in hands of people is very important. People moving from one place to another, need some information, for everything that required by the people are depending on electronic gadgets. Because of the electronic gadgets there is some radiation released which is very harmful for the people. This radiation is called as EMF and dementia is very harmful, which is caused because of EMF radiation.

emf dangers

Harm caused by this.

Young stars and old generation people exposing to wifi radiation or millimetre waves will cause dementia, which is very harmful, because of which they will have

  • memory loss,
  • difficulty in interacting,
  • there will be problems of vision,
  • they will also face difficulties problem solving and will have some other problems.

There are many researches held on the radiation and on dementia. Because of dementia there will also have psychological problems like personality change, depression, anxiety and some other problems

There are many different kinds of dementia, which is very harmful for the people who crossed the age of 65. In this recent times, not only the young stars, kids, even old people are using the electronic gadgets. These electronic gadgets are everywhere we walk. So there is radiation everywhere in the world, which is very harmful for human beings. The more we expose to the radiation the more we get effected.