Lockers is a place where people keep their belongings and it can be locked for safety reasons.They are used by people for all purpose.People can keep anything as per their requirement in the locker.Lockers are available in different shapes and sizes.There are different outlets which supply lockers.People can see the model and buy the product as per their needs.Lockers have been discovered because people wanted to keep their belongings and items safely.It’s not possible for people to carry their belonging all the time along with them.Hence they would prefer to keep their belonging in a safe place.Lockers are safe as they have the provision of locking and the keys would be only with the owner. When children go to school they need not carry their books and other items daily to school. Instead they can get their belongings from home and keep it in the school lockers. Since there would be many children in the school it is important that the belongings of the kids are safe. In school the kids would need to have all the books and hence the bag would be heavy if the children carry their belonging daily to home. Hence the best workaround is that children keep their books in the locker and use it when they want. It’s important that their items should be safe hence they can lock the locker when it’s not in use. Apart from books children can keep their uniforms as they may need to change their uniform as per the games which they play.


Lockers are also called as safe in few places. They are used to keep items carefully and safely. People use locker for many reasons. Lockers are universally known and used by people. They can be locked either by using a key or they can also be locked by a pin in case they are smart lockers.