The very first of the panels were made to be used only selectively. The lumbar support can be shifted accordingly to the point where the spine feels comfortable and helps in getting the right posture. Wheels are also sometimes present in certain ergonomic office chairs to make the movement easy and provide movability even while sitting on it.

ergonomic office chairs

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  • Villages: Many villages across the nation have been electrified with the help of these panels. They can now receive street lights without any cost. These lights make use of solar panels that charge during the day and store this energy till it is time to light up the streets. Even when there is no sun present, they can retain their charge to provide light to the people. Electrification plans have been proven successful on their effective backs.
  • Custom plates: Gone are those days when these panels used to spoil the look of your home and make for sore thumbs on your roof. With the help of the latest technology, you can get them customized to suit the look of your roof. Certain plates are completely integrated into the roof to become a part of it and not be visible.



That is to say that they only had the function to serve a certain device and harness only a small amount of energy.