It can be difficult to disseminate information about medical marijuana or marijuana medical cards with all the news that is being broadcast about it. People mistakenly believe that a marijuana card is a ticket to recreational use. In reality, they are a highly regulated sector of a legitimate medical industry. Let’s find out what these cards are and what legal rights they provide card holders.

Marijuana Cannabis

Medical marijuana recommendations cannot be given by any doctor. The same applies to patients and people, regardless of medical conditions. There are currently 15 states, both in the US and DC, that have passed laws to legalize medical marijuana. These states have established programs to ensure that the laws are effective and that marijuana is not used for illegal purposes. Each state that has medical marijuana programs strictly regulates them. To gain access to such programs and to be a part, you must first get a valid medical cannabis recommendation from your state.

What are Medical Marijuana Recommendations for?

A marijuana recommendation can be described as a medical document signed by a state-approved cannabis doctor. Only licensed doctors in good standing can issue such recommendations. A recommendation is an assurance that the doctor has given to the state that they have thoroughly reviewed the patient’s medical history and determined that medicinal cannabis would be beneficial for them. These recommendations are reviewed by the states and approved for patients in their medical marijuana programs.

Definition of Marijuana Medical Card

These cards are state-issued IDs and are closely monitored by the Health Department in all states. DC is one of the 15 states that have legalized medical marijuana. States must closely monitor the dispensaries, doctors, and patients who are part of these medical cannabis programs for weed doctor Maryland. They have developed an ID card system that allows patients who have been approved for the programs to legally access the medicine and to purchase it from dispensaries. This regulates the industry.

What legal protections do Marijuana Medical Card holders have?

If the card holder holds a valid card, and abides by the state’s medical marijuana laws which vary slightly from one state to the next, they are protected from being prosecuted for possession of medical marijuana. Many states have an electronic system that allows law enforcement to check if a card is valid so they do not arrest someone who is legally allowed to use the natural medicine. The marijuana medical card holders have the right to possess, transport, and use medical cannabis. In many cases, they can also grow and harvest it. Their caregivers who also have a card enjoy similar legal rights and protections.